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in Ecay, Lónguida

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One kilometre from the town of Aoiz.

We are located in the small village of Ecay

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Pre-Pyrenean zone

Access from Pamplona in two ways: - From the Itaroa roundabout in the direction of Aoiz, on the Na-150. - From the Jaca motorway, exit 16 towards Urroz and then towards Aoiz. If you are coming from San Sebastian, Vitoria on the dual carriageway, you have to go around Pamplona towards Zaragoza, and at Noain take the exit for the Jaca/Huesca dual carriageway. If you are coming from Zaragoza/Barcelona/Madrid on the motorway, take the Jaca/Huesca motorway exit, and connect in the manner described above.

Our location is also ideal for accessing the industrial estate of Aoiz, with important companies such as GAMESA EÓLICA, NEINSA, ECOINTEGRA, ILPEA, HEXACOMB, KNAUFF...

One kilometre from the town of Aoiz.

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If you program your GPS you can enter the exact coordinates that are at the bottom, or always take AOIZ as a reference, as sometimes it gives problems of location if we put ECAY.

  • Longitude = -1.38536
  • Latitude = 42.77624


DO NOT TRUST YOUR NAVIGATOR, it may not be up to date, there is another village called Ekai, many streets are repeated in name or the navigator does not recognise them... If you insist on your navigator, put Aoiz as your destination, we are 1.5 km before.